What do we offer learners?

Between years 7-9 we begin to lay the academic foundations necessary for learners to excel at GCSE level through the delivery of a rich and engaging curriculum. 

Learners become familiar with writing for a range of forms, from fiction and poetry to persuasive and information texts. Learners become accustomed to the process of drafting and proofreading work independently. Students begin to learn rules of spelling, punctuation and principles of grammar. In addition, learners are exposed to a rich variety of literary heritage and contemporaneous texts to hone analytical skills in preparation for more demanding analysis at GCSE level.

Our teaching methods and resources place emphasis on building knowledge and confidence in number, algebra, shape and space, and data handling.  At this level, a significant emphasis is placed on algebraic techniques, as algebra is the foundation of a great deal of the curriculum at secondary level. In sessions tutors take a very calm and methodical approach to teaching core concepts and providing students with opportunities to practice to the point of mastering topics.   

Pupils have cover the required curriculum topics for Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Work that they do in our centre complements the work learners carry out in their mainstream schools. Often students find, due to the sheer number of topics, that they don’t fully grasp concepts at school. With the additional support that that they get in our sessions they unravel any misunderstandings about the subject and glean a much stronger understanding of science in a wider context.

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What do our parents say?

  • “My girls are happier and more confident than ever before…..They have flourished I couldn’t be happier.”

    Ismahan Jimale
  • “I truly cannot place a price on what Keen learners has done for my son – I can’t thank the team enough.”

    Savas Tuncbilek
  • “I am really happy with the service that we have received and always recommend Keen Learners to friends and family.”


What do our students say?

  • “The tutors are very patient and not afraid to go over things again and again if necessary.”

    Year 11
  • “Coming to Keen Learners has been an amazing opportunity for me.”

    Year 8
  • “The Tutors have been approachable and friendly.”

    Year 10
  • “So far my grades have seriously improved.”

    Year 11
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Tuition Fees

At keen learners we are committed to keeping our services affordable whilst not compromising on the quality of our provision. Please give call us on 0207 737 5007 to discuss pricing options today.


10 Per hour

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