What do we offer learners?

At this stage learners explore and develop their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills, through our programmes of study and assessment.

Writing skills and additional phonics support are stressed throughout this stage. Parents are also encouraged and supported to facilitate reading at home during this important period in their child’s development. 

In Maths, we focus not only on calculations and numbers, but also build on measures, data handling, shape and space, mental arithmetic and mathematical investigations. There is a strong problem-solving element to our approach, so learners frequently get a chance to showcase their problem-solving skills.

We work on equipping learners with an exemplary command of spoken and written English, and to develop their love of literature through promoting reading for fun. By the time learners reach the end of this Key Stage (in year six) they are confident and competent users of the English language and very well equipped for the academic opportunities of secondary school English.

Speaking and listening

Spoken language facilitates the progress of all literacy. Competent and fluent writers articulate themselves confidently first; so, no opportunity is lost in encouraging learners to use Standard English. Learners are invited to articulate what they have learnt from sessions which, not only bolsters confidence and fluency, but leads to a deeper understanding of the topic at hand


Fostering the enjoyment of reading for pleasure is central to the work of Keen Learners. Guided reading is taught though our phonics resources at KS1. (By KS2 years 3-6), greater emphasis is placed on comprehension and deeper discussions around text with a view to challenging learners’ thinking and encouraging deeper understanding of text 


Our study materials provide a wide range of opportunities for children to write for different audiences and purposes.  Our programmes of study and assessment cover all National Curriculum objectives for spelling, punctuation and grammar which leads to the vast improvement learners’ writing overall.  Frequent opportunities to produce extended pieces of writing affords learners the time to demonstrate their developing skills. Some exemplary examples are published and displayed on our blog for everyone to celebrate.

At Keen learners, we view numeracy as a vital part of academic success. Our courses provide opportunities to use mathematical skills in context and aim to strengthen learner ability to solve mathematical problems independently. Our tutors help improves learners’ mathematical skills and stretch their abilities through the practice of their problem-solving skills. By using a range of approaches and resources learners master and apply the fundamentals of Maths.

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What do our parents say?

  • “My girls are happier and more confident than ever before…..They have flourished I couldn’t be happier.”

    Ismahan Jimale
  • “I truly cannot place a price on what Keen learners has done for my son – I can’t thank the team enough.”

    Savas Tuncbilek
  • “I am really happy with the service that we have received and always recommend Keen Learners to friends and family.”


What do our students say?

  • “The tutors are very patient and not afraid to go over things again and again if necessary.”

    Year 11
  • “Coming to Keen Learners has been an amazing opportunity for me.”

    Year 8
  • “The Tutors have been approachable and friendly.”

    Year 10
  • “So far my grades have seriously improved.”

    Year 11
Keen Learners 129

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